Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Autumnus" Presentation Template ~ Free

Despite my location along Lake Michigan, Chicago just doesn't have a dramatic fall color show. I commented to my husband the other day that the I missed the autumn spectacular of northern Michigan. Yes, we had to rake the leaves every weekend for six to eight weeks. The sound of leaf blowers continuously. Our mighty oak in our front yard was the last to let go of its leaves around Thanksgiving. 

I don't miss the yard the work but I sure to enjoy the splendor of the fall color palette. Thus, the inspiration for this month's free Powerpoint template. The hint of color for the interior slides is just enough for an added 'punch' of color for your content.

Just a reminder, that my Powerpoint templates are wrapped around the 12-slide structure "Universal Pitch Deck." The ebook is available, here.